IMG_0191Paddys Plants @ Monbulk, established in 1994,  is a small family owned and operated wholesale/ retail nursery in the hills of Monbulk, just a short distance away from the cafes and restaurants of Olinda and Mt Dandenong.

Paddys Plants, are  Wholesale producers and Retail sellers of quality grown plants.

At Paddys Plants we offer a great range of dry tolerant, colourful flowering garden stock and varieties to attract nectar loving birds & bees to your garden, such as Salvia,  Correa, Scaevola, Osteospermum Daisies, Argyranthemum Daisies, Fuchsia,  Monarda and  Penstemon,   We also stock a limited range of Rhododendrons, nandina, Azaleas &  Camellias for that brilliant winter colour , Pittosporums & English box for hedges & borders , Boronias, Magnolias, Gardenias, Carnations, Lavenders,  Daphne & Michellias for beautiful sweet scents , seasonal potted colour like pansy, viola, primula and petunia,  long flowering garden  shrubs like diascias, dwarf dahlias, calibrachoa and dianthus, for great tough spring/ summer/ autumn colour,   ground covers, shade loving plants, seasonal herbs,  shrub  ferns,  Xmas Poinsettias, cyclamen, begonias and much more!!

Our Focus & Goals are to provide you with what we think, are tough dry tolerant, vibrant and rewarding plants in your garden and for that reason, do not chase around for wish lists or requests and therefore only concentrate on supplying what we grow here on site, or can purchase from our local growers, because believe me, if it grows and thrives in Monbulk, it will grow and thrive anywhere.

We produce over 80000 plants of 450 different species annually, all very much seasonal availability, so, if it is tough, vibrant, hardy and available, then we have  plenty for you  to choose from.

For more information on upcoming  sales and specials…. join us on Facebook  @ Facebook.com/paddysplants, Instagram @ paddysplants3793, Twitter.. Paddys Plants  or  Come for a drive through Sherbrooke Forest and the scenic hills, just 50 mins from Melbourne and check out our range.

We are at 103 Main Road Monbulk Victoria 3793 and open 6 days a week, Tuesday till Saturday 9am till 5pm, and  Sunday 9am until 1pm