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We are a retail to the public and wholesale to trade, production nursery at Monbulk, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges of Victoria.

We specialise in tough, hardy vibrant cottage garden plants and impulsive colour plants.

We are Growers and suppliers of quality plants for trade florists, landscapers, market sellers and other retail nurseries, all over Victoria,
We also sell to the local & general public.

We are NOT a garden centre and do not offer garden planning, landscaping, garden supplies, garden advice, plant identifications or home visits for planning & advice..... we simply do not have time for that, that’s what landscapers and garden planners/ designers / centres are for .... again..... we are GROWERS and SUPPLIERS of quality plants only..... that is the only service we can or will offer.

we are OPEN Tuesday until Saturday 9am until 5pm........ and also
OPEN Sundays from 9am until 1pm... we are CLOSED every MONDAY.

We offer Home deliveries to selected local areas only... check our contact page for details of selected suburbs.

During 2021.. will still be offering online orders and click and collect for those that don't like to wait, or enjoy the comfort of ordering online.

We do NOT post plants, due to lack of adequate postal & delivery services for plants.
You can purchase any time you like, but
Our Collection days are during normal business hours and home deliveries, to our local suburbs, will be after 5pm, on our Opening days.

We thank you all for your support during this crazy COVID pandemic
"without you, we could not continue to grow".
Happy Gardening

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  • Chrysanthemum Pot Mum Rasta Rose 12cm

    Chrysanthemum Garden Mums are a highlight of the cooler months, flowering from Autumn through to spring time, then going dormant over the warmer months. It is not unusual for the garden mums to come again during the summer months in mountainous areas like Monbulk where we live, if the weather is cooler than expected. Garden Mums, sadly are normally associated with just being a gift plant or flower for Mothers Day (MAY), and treated as an annual here in Australia, which is completely criminal and wrong as they are a fantastic perennial plant that gives tonnes of vibrant jewel tone colours for a lot longer than the one season. Garden Mums are native to asia and north eastern Europe and grow 30 - 60cms tall in a full sun to semi sun aspect...... full sun is always better, can be grown equally as good in pots, containers, baskets etc as in the garden in a fertile, well drained to slightly moist soil type that is slightly acidic to neutral. If planting in a garden bed, work in some compost or organic matter first for best results. Garden Mums thrive in cooler conditions, hence where they are native to. Whilst the Garden Mums are still in their vegetative stage ( ie just leaves), make sure you provide a one off fertiliser with plenty of nitrogen and potassium to promote healthy roots, development of buds ( flowers), this will result in a much more vigorous, healthy and floriferous plant Garden Mums respond well to regular liquid feeds with seaweed solution. Water wise, just keep them moist ( soil cool to touch), but not soggy or constantly wet. At Paddys Plants, we grow about 1500 Garden Mums per year, consisting of 10 different varieties. Garden Mums are a favourite of ours for Cooler month colours and we look forward to them popping up in our garden every Autumn. Come and check out our range and we hope you fall in love with them to !!
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  • Venus Fly Trap 9cm… Easter Special for the kids … big & small !!!

    Sale! $7.29 $5.00
    the Venus fly trap is a remarkable plant, as it can feed on living insects as well as from peat moss. Venus fly traps should be kept in a hot sunny position indoors and outdoors and must be kept moist or wet at all times, during the Summer months, keep the Venus fly trap on the wetter side and during the winter months, it will lose most of its leaves, but will re-grow again in the Spring. Remove spent flower spikes as they start to grow and do not fertilise... it doesnt need it, the insects will be enough.
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  • Escallonia Red Knight 12cm

    Sale! $6.99 $5.99
    Escallonia Red Knight is a compact medium shrub that  has glossy green leaves with clusters of deep cerise flowers from the Spring months through until late Autumn . Red Knight will grow to 1.5 metres tall by 1 metre wide in fun sun or partial shade in moist to well drained soils and is frost tolerant, can handle coastal plantings, is dry tolerant once established and is Bird & Butterfly attracting. Red Knight is ideal for pathways & borders, cottage gardens and great for pots / containers as well a garden specimen or feature. For best results, compact growth and prolific flowering , prune Red knight well after flowering and fertilise with a slow release fertiliser.
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  • Nandina Moon Bay 18cm

    Sale! $13.98 $11.00
    Nandina Moon Bay is an extremely hardy evergreen shrub with a compact growing habit.  Nandina Moon Bays foliage is finer leaved than its more common and popular relative domestics nana and has a multitude of changes of colour throughout the seasons, ranging from bright lime green, to  salmon pink, orange, apricot to striking red during the colder seasons. Moon Bay can grow up to 1 metre tall by about 70cms wide, is frost hardy, in fact it loves the cold weather and only look even better when it arrives, prefers fertile, well drained soil in a full sun position. Keep the soil around it moist in the drier parts of summer. All of this makes Moon Bay the ideal accent plant for borders, small hedges, mass plantings, rockeries and pots / containers where colour contrast is required. moon bay also makes excellant foliage for flower arrangements. as i say a lot, prune after flowering, to maintain compact fresh bushy new growth and fertilise  once per year
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  • Dichondra Silver Falls 20cm Hanging basket

    Sale! $13.98 $9.98
    Dichondra Silver Falls is a spectacular foliage ground cover plant with long silvery leaves on long cascading stems making it ideal for hanging baskets,( as in picture above) or tall pots, as a ground cover or cascading over walls. Dichondra Silver Falls grows in a sunny to partly sunny position in well drained soils. Avoid over watering, cut back regularly to keep plants tidy and fresh, they should grow 10cms tall by up to 1 metre wide and respond well to regular liquid feeds with seaweed fertilisers.
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