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Hi... thanks for looking us up... here is a little bit about us....
We are a family operated Nursery based in Monbulk, in the heart of Victoria's Beautiful Dandenong Ranges.
At Paddys Plants, we sell / supply Wholesale to Trade, Retail to the Public and produce, on site, over 300 varieties of seasonal plants annually, specialising in quality grown Cottage Garden Flowering plants at affordable prices.

We had initially, intended to develop an online shop for you to purchase from, but our main focus is on our young family and then on producing and selling quality plants...

With only 3 of us running the place we simply do not have the resources to run an online shop, efficiently or the way we would like to.... so instead, we would like to you to enjoy browsing our range, I will do my best to keep it informative and updated at all times.... most of all .....
Happy Gardening.... Paddy

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  • Grevillea Assorted 20cm

    At Paddys Plants we source a colourful range of tough  Grevilleas, grown locally in our region. We try to keep good supply year round, but always best to call us to see if we have plenty in stock. Grevilleas are an evergreen Australian Native Plant renowned for their vibrant range of Colourful Flowers that appear in Brush,  toothbrush, or spider like forms that are great for attracting nectar  loving pollinators like insects, birds and animals to your garden. We have Grevillea varieties that flower for different seasons of the year. Grevilleas come in a wide range of sizes, from ground covers to shrubs to large hedging and tree specimens, that love full sun and dry conditions once established. To help with getting them established, you may need to give them a good deep watering over the warmer months for the first few years. Grevilleas are great as a ground cover, hedge, border, rockery plant, feature plant, grow equally as well in the garden as in pots There are over 340 different species of Grevilleas available,..... At Paddys Plants  we stock just 25 different species throughout the year, sourced from 5 Quality growers in our region. We trust their Quality and choices of varieties and believe that   "If they  grows up here in our crazy elements, then they will grow just about anywhere"

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  • Duranta Repens China Girl 14cm

    Sale! $7.99 $5.49
    Duranta China Girl is a beautiful plant with bright shiny green leaves on weeping branches that can grow up to  2 metres tall by 1.5metres wide. China Girl loves full sun to partial shade, we planted our Duranta china girl in our garden in a little more shade than suggested and it still grows great. the best feature of Duranta China Girl is from Spring until Autumn, this spectacular plant has deep violet flowers that are contrasted with a pure white centre that radiates outwards as well as encircling each petal, which are delicately fragrant...... I sense the smell of vanilla, some agree with me, some don't, but either way, the fragrance is soft,  sweet and delightful Duranta China Girl respond well to regular pruning, needs a regular water during the warmer months and prefers a well drained soil for the rest of the year. China Girl is great as a feature plant on its own either in the garden or in a pot, is great in fragrant or sensory gardens, can be used as a screen for privacy, hedging or borders, can be used as espalier, or used as a topiary standard. Another forgotten old fashioned favourite, due to reduced garden space in modern homes, but with some clever ways to have one such as topiary standard in a pot, Duranta China Girl is A must have in your garden.   Think about circling the rim of your feature pot with something like Gardenia Radicans to companion the fragrant theme.
  • Coprosma Pink Splendor Mirror Bush 14cm

    Sale! $6.99 $5.49
    Coprosma Repens Pink Splendor, or better known as Mirror Bush, is a compact plant with glossy wavy leaves that are  green, pink - red and gold in colour, that love a full sun to partial shaded aspect in moist well drained soils, Mirror Bush will grow to  1.5 metres tall by 1 metre wide, can tolerate dry periods, frost,  coastal conditions and strong salt laden winds. Mirror bush are an ideal plant for small hedges, borders, screening and will provide eye catching colour and contrast in your garden.
  • Nandina Domsetica nana Firepower 14cm

    Sale! $7.99 $5.99
    Nandina Firepower is a small evergreen shrub that has stunning vibrant green foliage that  turns red with tinges of yellow & bronze during the cooler months. Firepower can grow up  to 90cms tall by 45 cms wide in a full sun to partial shaded position. Firepower is great as a hedge or border and looks equally great in garden beds or containers, it is the perfect no maintenance plant
  • Correa Dusky Bells 14cm

    Sale! $6.99 $4.99
    Correa reflex x pulchella 'Dusky Bells' is a small Australian Native evergreen shrub with spreading branches and pale carmine-pink flowers that appear from autumn to spring, they're flowers are attractive to nectar feeding birds. Dusky Bells is tolerant of drought, frost and a range of well drained soil types, With dense foliage to ground level, dusky bells is an ideal groundcover for part shade to shade, will grow up to 60cms tall by 2 metres wide and is great for covering embankments, using in garden beds or equally as impressive in pots or hanging baskets. Pruning after flowering will maintain a compact habit