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Welcome to our new improved Paddys Plants web page

Firstly… thanks for looking us up

as mentioned in previous pages, I am Matt Brooks ( Paddy), I am a Wholesale grower of plants and together with my family I own and operate a, Wholesale/Retail Nursery  in Monbulk, a scenic little town, half way up beautiful Mt Dandenong, that specialises in cottage style and tough, vibrant flowering  plants for your Home & Garden.

We have owned Paddys Plants for 24 years now ( established 1994), the year after I finished high school and for the history buffs, there has been a Nursery at our home address for over 80 years….. no, that is not a typo, there has been a retail business at our address for over 80 years, the last 30 years have been strictly Nursery, but prior to that, the owners used to sell strawberries, potatoes and some plants, grown here on site.

There is a stocklist here on this website, that I will endeavour to keep up to date, as a lot of our products are seasonal, once they are gone, they may not be back until the next year, I will not be posting any price lists on here, if you want to know the prices, get off the computer and come up for a visit and have a look, let us know you are coming and we will put the kettle on !!

We do our best to keep our everyday prices  lower than most places, so we don’t always feel the need to have sales or deals on offer, the whole world seems to have sales on all the time, so I think we all become a bit numb to them, we just like to make sure we can offer good value for money

we are currently flat out busy getting our spring and summer range potted ready to go for better gardening weather and shortly we will begin preparing our Christmas range…. yes I know, it is still 5 and a half months away, but we need to do this now, so exciting times ahead

well winter has definitely hit us here in Monbulk and sadly, the worst is yet to come, as traditionally August is our coldest month up here in the Dandenong Ranges, so if you are coming for a visit, rug up, bring your brolley, we still have plenty to offer and loads of colour to brighten up your place now

until next time

happy gardening



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