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another spring morning, yet another frost


What a slow start we have had to our Spring season in 2018

a few days of beautiful sunshine to excite us and give us hope, followed by frost after frost and last weekend, light snow falling nearby…. cmon Mother Nature, give us Gardeners a break, we want to play !!

I post this every year, but every year without fail, the big chain stores, hardware stores and god bless them… charity shops,  stock and display Tomatoes, Herbs & vegies earlier and earlier, taking vital sales away from nurseries, that produce them ready for the RIGHT time of year.

If you live in the Dandenong Ranges,


if you have given in to the excitement of a few days of sunshine and bought your edibles from these stores, I’m sure the frosts and endless cold weather we have had locally have done you no favours, please be patient, we want your edible gardens to be successful for you, after all that is the whole point of going to all that effort

for the Millennial generation, or new Gardeners, wanting to grow your own food and just staring out in the gardening way of life…. welcome to our lifestyle, it is always fun, sometimes frustrating, mostly rewarding and something you will never know everything about, believe me, I have lived this lifestyle my whole life and have never stopped  learning…. one major tip I will share with you, that never changes, do NOT plant out, or think about Tomatoes until after AFL Grand Final weekend, it is generally too cold to do so…. we recommend Tomatoes be planted around Melbourne Cup ( November) weekend for best growth and results… again, this advice is for our Dandenong Ranges and has been successful for my business for 23 years,  each year when posting about this, we always get one billy goat, that gets on here and disputes my advice, and plants them too early,  I hope they enjoyed the handful of tomatoes they picked ( if any !!), as opposed to the buckets my regulars grow from their correctly planted crops. Also I hope your supermarket/hardware or charity store had a staff member there experienced enough to give you advice on how to plant, fertilise, care for and problem solve your edible crop…. this is why you always buy from nurseries, especially your local nursery as this is what we do and offer and your local nursery is experienced in your local climate.

a similar caution should go to summer herbs, such as Basil & Coriander, fruits & vegetables, like Capsicum, Chillies, Corn, pumpkins, and many more, please be patient and wait until the ground temperature warms up a little bit, as I say, in my experience, this is normally the last week of September ( AFL grand final week).

just for reference, I find August the coldest month of the year in Monbulk,  early September is often  cold & wet ( not this year!!!) and if snow is going to fall in the Dandenongs, it mostly happens between August & mid September

…. the amount of times over the years people have bought from the stores, mentioned above and then come in to my nursery to ask for free advice or tips on how to grow, ………. well, that is not happening any more, we will happily assist our customers, who purchased from us with advice, but if you have bought from one of the stores mentioned above, make sure you ask that store for advice, they were happy to take your money, they should be happy to offer service and advice.

I get frustrated with the supermarket/hardware/charity stores taking your money, taking sales from us professionals and selling plants at the wrong times of year, because this leads to disappointment when the plants do not perform as they should, with no comeback for advice or correction, this can then lead to people finding gardening too hard and just not bothering at all, the big stores wont care, they already have your money and will just move on to the next profitable thing, ruining our industry, as they do with others ( ie… milk !!!!)…. we want you to have success in your garden and welcome repeat offenders !!!… our prices on edibles are most often cheaper than those stores anyway, people just assume they are cheaper because of their misleading ads, and by the time your products die and you re-buy, it has cost you more.

so save time, money and frustration and always buy plants from a Nursery, with proper staff to serve you

the beginning of our edible range will be ready for sale from October 3, I will post a list the week before, when we know what is ready to go

happy gardening & hopes for warmer days & sunshine




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