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Hydrangeas back in stock… get in quick, because we always sell out fast !!

Hydrangeas Available Now

Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs with an intense range of flower colours and styles, that can flower for long periods. They are great flowering shrubs for brightening up semi shaded gardens and even better as cut or dried flowers in your home.

But, …. how come my pink hydrangeas go blue and my blue hydrangeas go pink ???

Hydrangeas are dependent on a soils PH balance, so the plants ability to absorb iron or the level of aluminium in acidic soils ( lower PH) will give you blue to purple range of Hydrangea, the enhancement of these colours can also depend on the variety chosen, some varieties are predominantly bluer than others….. we offer aluminium sulphate for sale to used as a liquid feed in the late autumn, early winter period to enhance and set the next season/summer of flowers of your Hydrangeas to the bluer scale…


if your soil has a large proportion of nitrogen or the PH is higher, you should get a range of pinks to deep pink ( often called red)…. we offer dolomite lime for sale to add to your Hydrangeas in late autumn, early winter to create a pink range of flowers in the summer months.

White Hydrangeas, should always remain white, but if your PH is highly acidic, or the other way… alkaline… then we have found it not uncommon for white Hydrangeas to have a slight tinge to their colour

Currently we have a limited number ( about 250) of 14cm potted Hydrangeas available for sale  for just $5.99 each or 4 for $22, they are all fresh and new stock, forming buds, the pictures above are from last seasons batch and give you an idea of what is to come.

Currently the varieties we have are Lace Cap, Macrophylla White, and Common Macrophylla available…. Sadly,  we are out of the other 8 varieties we normally stock until next spring due to trees falling on our stock plants, ( the joys of living in the hills !!!), the amazing thing about Hydrangeas is that they will bounce back from just about anything and our normal stock range will be back up and running soon enough.

come and grab some of our vibrant fresh Hydrangeas today, get in quick before they all sell out

Happy Gardening


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