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Poinsettias in store now

Paddys Plants is fully stocked with hundreds of Poinsettias to brighten up your home this Christmas Season.

My Parents Dianne & Dennis Brooks introduced Poinsettias to Victorian Gardeners and the Victorian Horticulture Industry in the early 1980’s via their first nursery “Brooks Nursery”.

Now at Silvan Park Nursery, they have been Growing and Supplying Quality Poinsettias to Florists, Retailers and Garden Centres for almost 40 years.

Every December for the past 11 years, Paddy’s Plants have supplied Quality poinsettias grown by Dianne & Dennis, whose level of Quality and love for these vibrant Christmas Flowers is unmatched.

We have 16cm potted Poinsettias available for just $12.99 each or 4 for $45.

If cared for correctly and you don’t over water them, they can last for many years in your home or garden, some of our customers have kept them alive for up to 6 years,  but most people, if you are like me, forget about them and they last until winter comes in June… still good value… 6 months of enjoyment for just $12.99, when your  xmas tree costs, up to $80 for 1 month use and 2 cups of coffee cost $11 for 5 mins !!!!!

Our Poinsettias are the best value for size, locally and home grown, by the original and most experienced growers in the Victorian Poinsettia industry.

Poinsettias are our family’s heritage…. and one we are proud of

come and pick up some Poinsettias to brighten up your home, we have plenty to choose from

We hope that you get plenty of joy out of their festive, vibrant red beauty this Christmas Season

Happy Gardening


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