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You Cant Cook Sausages in the fridge !!

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Well thats what it feels like we have been trying to do here at Paddys Plants since May this year.

We have had lots of queries daily, as to why we havent got certain lines available that we had ready at the same point in other years gone by…. Mother Nature dictates when things will be ready, not us, not calenders, not Jane Bunns weather reports or predictions and especially not you. All we can hope to do, is prepare our stock to the best of our ability, so that when the sun finally shines, as it has done for only a few days in the last month, our stock will kick start into growth and bloom.

Our industry has always been and always will be reliant on good growing weather and if it is too cold for a prolonged period, which it has been this Winter into Spring, then that will delay or slow down the availability of certain crops. Which is what has happend so far… we feel stop start, stop start this Spring… but it is all about to happen this week, the recent warmth and sun has really kick started some growth & blooms.

As most of you are aware, we grow our crops here, as do a lot of our local suppliers, outside in our local elements, or in shade cloth frames ( for frost protection), so that our plants are hardened and aclimatised to the local conditions, making for you more stable, healthier and hardier plants for your home and garden. We provide you the best quality Mother Nature allows us to, at the best price.

If all of this is still nonsense and excuse to you and you cannot understand how hard it can be to have perfect plants all year round, we totally understand, let me say, there are plenty of Hardware, big retail stores and Supermarkets ( obvious professionals & experts  in the plant industry!!!),  that will provide you with plants from interstate, where the weather is warmer or plants that have been grown in glasshouses or climate controlled frames….. those plants,  will last about 5 minutes in your garden in our colder elements, but hey, at least they were available when you wanted them

Those of you reading this, are probably my loyal fans and already know these facts, thats why you shop with us in the first place, because you trust our judgement and sourcing of quality locally grown stock for the above highlighted reasons.

Now, due to Spring weather, coming a bit later this year ( feels like start of September, rather than 25th October), we are totally stocked with a large range of Spring and Summer flowering lines as well as herbs, vegies and tomatoes………. in fact, close to 48000 plants to choose from, that are grown here on site… so we wont be able to buy in as much stock from other growers as we had done, until we clear a bit of space.

All that said and done…. our weather has delayed our usual Spring excitement, but we will take it, at least we have been getting some rain and not had scorching temps and dry weather, unlike our other poor Eastern states, if we could send some rain there way that would be great.

Our Spring starts now, with nicer days predicted over the coming weeks, we are going to have lots of colour and edibles for your gardens available, with lots of deals… as always,

so keep checking our Paddys Plants Instagram & Facebook pages for upcoming availability, deals, promos and specials, and if you havent joined our pages yet, now is a great time to do so,………

its going to be a big few months

Happy Gardening



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