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Spring 2019 ….. failed to upload !!!

What a Spring it has been so far in Melbourne !!… Lots of rain we would love to share with our northern neighbours, suffering drought & bushfires,  only a few warm days of sunshine for us to enjoy, so far,  un seasonal snow in our alpine regions and sadly some damaging hail….. we have certainly had a lot of variables.

we have been lucky here at Paddys Plants, that most of our stock has been unaffected by the weather, except for maybe taking a little longer than normal to grow or flower, but that is all changing, currently we have a wide range of products now available, with tens of thousands on the way.

i have been bombarding our Instagram & Facebook pages with posts of availability and prices, so that, even though it is too cold and wet to play in your gardens now, at some point the sun will come out and the time will be right to start getting your homes and gardens looking great for the Christmas period and at least you have the heads up on what we have to offer and how much you will need to do it.

Recently we have been opening on a Monday ( our only day off), because every weekend has been wet & cold, but yet the Mondays have been the best day of weather for the week, we will again be open this coming Monday 11th November, Rememberance Day ( no service at 11am for Rememberance).

For those that have already been gardening through the crappy weather, including ourselves, it has been cold, wet & miserable, but yet things are trying to grow, trying to flower, thats the beauty of nature, it will adapt, take advantage of the extra rains to settle plants in, plant out the tough stuff and let it get going, but maybe leave the cold sensitive plants aside for another week or so until we see what weather turns up next, there is still plenty that can be done around the home and garden, you may just have to leave a few spaces for the heat/sun loving plants to be added later on.

using liquid feeds in this kind of weather, to boost your plants, especially here on the mountain, may have varied results…. i know for us here, pouring seaweed onto our stock when the weather is below 15 degrees is pointless, unless the plants are already stressed, the seaweed just wont have a reaction or activate unless you have sunshine and warmth to stimulate growth, i normally switch over to a complete balance soluable fertilizer like aquasol, which i have been using through this cold spring to get things going. Aquasol is an old fashioned liquid feed that you have to mix yourself, unfortunately it is not suitable for natives ( i still use a weaker strength) or to be used on days over 30 degrees, when we get to consistent days of 18 degrees or above, switch back to seaweed tonics or fish emulsions for rapid results.

the kind of weather we have experienced is not uncommon, Melbourne weather and the weather in our beautiful Dandenong Ranges varies a lot, it was not too many Christmases ago we had 2 or 3 days of high 30s degrees, a day of 40 degrees, then 2 days later it snowed, your plants and garden reacts to this, adapts and in most cases will bounce back from it and thrive once again, you just may need to help it out a bit, that the joys of wins and losses of gardening…. you never stop learning new tricks.

the reason for my blogs like this, is, some of you already know or have heard these things, some of you have taught me these things, some of you know some better tricks or advice to offer, but there are others reading this, who are new to gardening, are just getting the gardening bug and keen to learn more, or may not have experienced certain problems in their gardens yet and can do with some forward advise. My advise is based on our enviroment here in Monbulk and how our gardens and stock are reacting to certain conditions, nobody is right or wrong, just as long as what you are trying is working, we can all learn together.

In gardening shared knowledge is golden, you never stop learning and you will never know everything, elder gardeners have taught me most things, but younger ones have too… age is no barrier….. and the best gardening tools are your eyes, ears and mouth….. observation, sharing experiences/knowledge/tips  and listening to experiences/knowledge/tips. I have heard and been told some pretty wacked out ideas, that have actually worked, but i will save them  for another blog.

thanks for reading, as i say, some will hopefully benefit from my ramblings and that is the whole point of sharing tips.

we have a nursery absolutely chockers full of great quality plants and gift ideas to jazz up your home and garden this season, so why not pay us a visit and get your place looking great in time for Christmas……. could be a white one at this rate !!

Hoo Roo for now & Happy Gardening





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