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Our online shop !!!!


Crazy times that we are all living in right now….. if we could have seen into the future, who would have believed any of us this time last year, that any of the last 6 months of events would have happened….. honest truth,…….  nobody would have believed a word of it and would of had us locked up in a mental hospital for talking crazy.

Australians have been on high alert since September last year, with one of the potentially most dangerous and damaging Bushfire seasons, we have ever encountered… thankfully our human loss wasn’t as high as previous bushfire seasons, but sadly our wildlife  & habitat loss was devastating…… all of this has almost been overshadowed and forgotten about ( except for those in affected areas), by the current global Covid 19 pandemic.

We… thankfully have been allowed to continue trading in a relatively normal fashion and are absolutely grateful for the continued support and custom, by you, our followers,  public and customers, without your loyalty, custom and love of gardening, we would be in a whole world of strife. We are also  very sad for friends and customers, who have had to close businesses or have lost employment

In respect of  all  those who have lost employment, businesses, or have been forced to close or isolate, we have taken it upon ourselves to work even harder than ever before and to lower our prices to near,  just profitable rates, in order to allow everybody the chance to afford gardening at some level to keep yourselves, sane and  occupied in the safety of your own home.

I had initially set up an online shop, which I am still working on and will be an ongoing process, but with almost 500+  products to upload and display, pictures to take, descriptions to be thorough, etc, etc, it is a slow process. Currently I have only completed 120 products, due to technical issues for the last 3 weeks with phone & internet.

As I said above, we are respectful of those who no longer are working or earning an income and trying to provide the most affordable pricing of our stock, so as to allow you to be able to purchase and garden to keep yourselves busy, but at the same time, we, like many other parents around the country,  still have children at home, doing their schoolwork, we also have 40 – 50 customers stopping per day at the nursery for their supplies, questions and advice,  and now that our phones are working again, we would be getting up to 20+ calls per day.

Throw into the mix that our business is not only retail sales, but a wholesale production nursery as well, so currently we are prepping for spring and producing the stock required for spring into summer sales….. shortly we will start production for our Christmas range….. yep Christmas, we have to be over 6 months ahead of time.

I have been starting moist of my days at 4am, Tracey at 5.30am and we have been open 7 days per week from 9am until 5pm, since the crisis started, as we earlier had no indication of how long we would be able to stay open for.

This is why we set about starting an online shop, it was a way of continuing to trade in the event that we would have to close, but so far the indications and thanks to a lot of hard work and lobbying with govts, from our Victorian and Australian Garden industry bodies, the information is  that Nurseries,  will remain open throughout the pandemic, for the positive mental health of the community.

Our online shop instead will be more of a display board of information and what we offer in store, rather than a service for purchasing.

Due to our busy situation right now… ie schooling from home, production of spring/summer stock, daily sales at the nursery and life in lockdown ( I haven’t been further than the main street in months!!!!), we simply and currently, do not have the resources to be running an online shop of orders and despatch as well.

I will continue to update and promote using the online shop, as a display board of our stock and it is set up, so that in the event that, if we ever are asked to close our doors for safety, it will be easy enough ( 3 clicks from my end), to turn the shop on and allow you to order and pay online with a delivery service attached.

But currently right now and for the foreseeable future, our online shop will only be for viewing our range, information to save shopping time in store and any orders/purchases that you would like. Purchases will have to be made physically when you come visit our nursery. Our shop will allow you to save time spent in our store, by doing the research online about our products, so you can come in with your list, grab and go, that’s for if you don’t want exposure to others  …… for those of you needing an escape, you are still welcome to wander and enjoy a break from it all, we have plenty of gloves and sanitiser, but bring your own, just in case….. safety first !!!

I understand some of you are in lockdown and cannot physically come right now and I apologise for this convenience not being available to you, especially, when you need it most, and we miss seeing you visit us, but I simply cannot operate online sales,  currently with everything else we are doing.

Jo, Tracey & I are already working harder than we ever have before and those of you who know us well, know that, that is bordering impossible !!!, especially those 2 girls, they are 2 of the hardest working people I have ever met, they would do the work of 3 people each on a daily basis and then still have homes and children to tend to…… I cannot ask anymore of them.

As mentioned above ……. crazy times….. I wish for you all to keep safe and healthy and an end to this pandemic. I thank everybody who has and is supporting us right now, we are doing the best we can to keep on top of everything and do what we do best and that is provide quality stock at affordable prices.

Keep Safe…. Keep Sane…. Keep positive and Keep Gardening, we will get through this and there will be one hell of a party and hug fest at the end of it all.

thanks for reading my blog

Happy Gardening


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