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Stage 4 Lock Down Restrictions

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Good Morning our loyal followers

Our time in the sun has come to an end.  On Wednesday 5th August 2020, like everybody else in Melbourne, we will close our Retail Operations at 5pm.

I still cannot believe it has come to this. There are many reasons why this has occurred, of which i do not need to remind you of. You have all been witness to this over the past 7 months and have all been affected or suffered in one way or another.

I just hope this latest round of rules and restrictions, actually works and people respect the rules, so that we may all have a chance of recovering soon.

Saying all that, there is so much negativity in our state at the moment, i want to look at the next 6 weeks in a different light… what will we do?


We are still OPEN today Tuesday 4th August 2020 and Wednesday 5th August 2020 for you to come into our nursery from 9am until 5pm….sadly this only applies to people living in Monbulk, Kallista, Olinda, the Patch, parts of Silvan, parts of Emerald, or anybodys locality within 5kms of us, that i have forgotten to mention


we are still allowed to continue operating contactless, after the 11.59pm deadline on Wednesday…… that is, you can order what you would like and organize pick up without contact…. that’s for people living within 5kms of us… if you live up to 15kms from us, you can now order online at and have your plants delivered contactless to your door, check our contact page for delivery suburbs and prices. For everybody outside our 15km zone, I’m sorry we won’t see you until stage 4 is rolled back….. if we could, we would.

The last 12 months…. that is 7 months of Covid 19 and 5 months of bushfire ( Oct to Feb) ,  has been hectic for all Victorians……  Ourselves, we have had worries & concerns for family and friends in affected areas and how to manage our business in order to be relevant and survive all the challenges and then came the  schooling from home with 2 Primary aged students and the fact that we have been OPEN and available 7 days and some nights a week since it all started,

we will still be busy here, prepping and preparing for a massive SPRING & Summer onslaught of colour and edibles when the restrictions are lifted….. we had plans before all of this occurred, gardeners and Nursery people plan 6 months or more ahead, we dont think of now, we always think ahead,  our preparations cannot be done over night, it takes time, planning and co ordination, ….. possibly a good reason why Gardeners should be Prime Ministers or Premiers!!

Our Planning & Preparation does not change, the only issue we may have is little to no income, less funds to prepare with and possible less access to vital supplies, but we will work around that so that when restrictions are lifted, we can put on a good show to lift peoples spirits and bring some joy to all this gloom.

What do we need from you?…. most importantly…… Just you !!… we need you all to stay safe, healthy, be smart and positive, keep yourselves busy and safe  at home, Ride this one out as best you can. We are all in the same boat, we want to see you at the other end of this.

as mentioned above, we are still OPEN with reduced abilities….. so keep in contact with our social media pages and if you aren’t on them, join up today, so you don’t miss out on any great deals or bargains.

Keep Safe, Best Wishes

and Happy Gardening



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