Christmas & New Year Trading Hours & some notes


Paddys Plants  will be open  daily from 9am until 5pm from today 15th December until Monday 24th December ( Christmas Eve).

We will then be CLOSED until Wednesday January 2nd 2019 for a short break and to do some overdue repairs around the Nursery.

Monday 17th December, we may be closed briefly for 30 mins in the afternoon, due to picking my children up from school, once that is done, I will re-open until 5pm.

Over the Summer months, …. on  days forecast to be 35 degrees or over, we may close early, or not set up at all, I prefer to leave our display trolleys in under the shade, rather than put them out along the roadside to dry out….. if the gates or shed door are open on those days, you are welcome to come in ( during business hours of course !!!), if in doubt before you come up, always best to call us…. 97520706.

Leading up to Christmas and during January we still have thousands of plants available to colour up your Home and Garden, so if the weather suits and you feel like a play in your garden, or even if you just want some pots for around the house, or a gift for somebody special, we have plenty of plants to choose

Personally I will be glad to see the back of 2018… It has not been a year to remember and……. basically… a prick of a year… and thrown our family, friends and customers a lot of ups and downs and we wish for everybody……. a fresh start, healthier and better 2019.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, however you celebrate the season, we also wish you a safe, healthy, Happy New Year and hope that 2019 is a better year than you have ever had.

Thankyou for supporting our family owned and operated business in 2018, we look forward to seeing you all again over the next week leading up to Christmas and in 2019

Without You, we could Not continue to Grow

Happy Gardening




Clearance Sale up to 50% off

sale flage

Paddy’s Plants is having a MASSIVE end of season CLEARANCE SALE, with up to 50% off  our already LOW prices on most of our stock lines.

We are fully stocked with loads of fresh healthy colour lines and cottage style shrubs to brighten up your home and garden this summer, 14cm pots from as little as $3 or $4 each, that is cheaper than buying from wholesalers.

with thousands of plant to choose from, I have too many specials and deals to print or offer online, as if you wait for too long, they will sell out and you will miss out, so get in quick, first in best dressed !!!

Share our post with your family and friends, bring your car, ute, truck, trailer or double semi and load up on our great bargains, there is plenty to choose from and we have more stock due to be ready soon.

This is what I was talking about in previous posts throughout the year, where I said, by specialising in our own range of home grown cottage colour,   by not being a one stop shop, or chasing the ends of the earth for products that seldom sell and only offering a set menu of stock for sale, that we could be more flexible with special deals and sales, rewarding and giving you, our customers, more value for less money.

this SALE is not endless and there are no rainchecks or holdings of stock at special prices for later pick ups, the SALE  will last for as long as either the stock is available, or the customers are coming in

After a very long, dry, cold spring of limited gardening weather for us all, hopefully now is the time to get out and play, so take advantage of our great deals, while they are on offer

Happy Gardening



Hydrangeas back in stock… get in quick, because we always sell out fast !!

Hydrangeas Available Now

Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs with an intense range of flower colours and styles, that can flower for long periods. They are great flowering shrubs for brightening up semi shaded gardens and even better as cut or dried flowers in your home.

But, …. how come my pink hydrangeas go blue and my blue hydrangeas go pink ???

Hydrangeas are dependent on a soils PH balance, so the plants ability to absorb iron or the level of aluminium in acidic soils ( lower PH) will give you blue to purple range of Hydrangea, the enhancement of these colours can also depend on the variety chosen, some varieties are predominantly bluer than others….. we offer aluminium sulphate for sale to used as a liquid feed in the late autumn, early winter period to enhance and set the next season/summer of flowers of your Hydrangeas to the bluer scale…


if your soil has a large proportion of nitrogen or the PH is higher, you should get a range of pinks to deep pink ( often called red)…. we offer dolomite lime for sale to add to your Hydrangeas in late autumn, early winter to create a pink range of flowers in the summer months.

White Hydrangeas, should always remain white, but if your PH is highly acidic, or the other way… alkaline… then we have found it not uncommon for white Hydrangeas to have a slight tinge to their colour

Currently we have a limited number ( about 250) of 14cm potted Hydrangeas available for sale  for just $5.99 each or 4 for $22, they are all fresh and new stock, forming buds, the pictures above are from last seasons batch and give you an idea of what is to come.

Currently the varieties we have are Lace Cap, Macrophylla White, and Common Macrophylla available…. Sadly,  we are out of the other 8 varieties we normally stock until next spring due to trees falling on our stock plants, ( the joys of living in the hills !!!), the amazing thing about Hydrangeas is that they will bounce back from just about anything and our normal stock range will be back up and running soon enough.

come and grab some of our vibrant fresh Hydrangeas today, get in quick before they all sell out

Happy Gardening


Poinsettias in store now

Paddys Plants is fully stocked with hundreds of Poinsettias to brighten up your home this Christmas Season.

My Parents Dianne & Dennis Brooks introduced Poinsettias to Victorian Gardeners and the Victorian Horticulture Industry in the early 1980’s via their first nursery “Brooks Nursery”.

Now at Silvan Park Nursery, they have been Growing and Supplying Quality Poinsettias to Florists, Retailers and Garden Centres for almost 40 years.

Every December for the past 11 years, Paddy’s Plants have supplied Quality poinsettias grown by Dianne & Dennis, whose level of Quality and love for these vibrant Christmas Flowers is unmatched.

We have 16cm potted Poinsettias available for just $12.99 each or 4 for $45.

If cared for correctly and you don’t over water them, they can last for many years in your home or garden, some of our customers have kept them alive for up to 6 years,  but most people, if you are like me, forget about them and they last until winter comes in June… still good value… 6 months of enjoyment for just $12.99, when your  xmas tree costs, up to $80 for 1 month use and 2 cups of coffee cost $11 for 5 mins !!!!!

Our Poinsettias are the best value for size, locally and home grown, by the original and most experienced growers in the Victorian Poinsettia industry.

Poinsettias are our family’s heritage…. and one we are proud of

come and pick up some Poinsettias to brighten up your home, we have plenty to choose from

We hope that you get plenty of joy out of their festive, vibrant red beauty this Christmas Season

Happy Gardening


OPEN CUP weekend and fully stocked with loads of bargains

This Melbourne Cup weekend Paddys Plants  will be :

Open Friday & Saturday from 9am until 5pm

Open Sunday from 9am until 3pm

Open Monday from 9am until 5pm

and OPEN Tuesday CUP DAY from 9am until 3pm

We are currently fully stocked with a whole range of fresh, healthy and colourful shrubs from as little as $1 each, most of our 14cm potted lines are about $5 each…. too many to list, i don’t want you sitting here reading all day, come for a look, we have thousands of bargains and special deals to offer…

For our bargain hunters, there is still plenty of 14cm  $3 specials in our clearance bargain bin, as well as tubestock for just $1 each and more to add in the coming days, we never throw plants out, they can always find a home somewhere

This weekend, we have specials on our Herbs, Tomatoes and Vegetables pots… still just $2 each, but you can also get 6 for $10…. we also have Potting Mix, Cow Manure, Fertilisers, Sugar Cane mulch and liquid feeds available to really get your edible gardens thriving

We have Thai, Jalapeno & Habanero Chillies back in stock for just $3.49 each and Strawberry plants for only $2.39 each

Also newly back in stock are Geraniums, Dwarf Carnations, Armeria Pink Thrift, Aster, Convolvulus Early Blue & Pure White ground covers, Verbena Red, Dichondra Silver Falls, More Fuchsias, More Salvias, and potted colour lines, again way too much to list, all fresh, healthy vibrant stock for less than you will pay elsewhere.

So Rain, Hail or shine, if you are up for a bit of gardening, we have plenty to offer to colour up your home & garden this weekend, we are located at 103 Main Road Monbulk

Happy Gardening


Ready to Rock n Roll !!



Spring has finally arrived for us here at Paddys Plants in Monbulk

we are now starting to see and get supply of quality stock after a verrry long cold Winter period

Available now, we have more of the beautiful Princess Lavenders as pictured above, as well as some Ghostly Princess Lavender &  Plumberry Ruffles Lavender, which are just the darkest and most amazing purple I have ever seen

Even more exciting, our Calibrachoa, dwarf Dahlia, new release Dwarf Snapdragons, Petchoa ( Calibrachoa/petunia cross breed), Nemesia, Scaevola Fairy, Diascia and Petunia ranges are all in bud and starting to show some signs of colour, but get in quick, there are a lot of people who have been waiting patiently for these to be available and we expect to sell out

Our Tomatoes, Herbs & Vegetables are available now, but in limited varieties, more will be ready in weeks to come, based on the weather we receive

as for colour pots, we still have plenty of colourful Violas, lobelia midnight blue, dianthus and petunias

We also have a Spring special to help your money go further, we have a great range of tubestock available…. items like nandina dwarf, banksia roses, conifer hedging, daisy ground covers, chinese lanterns, native myoporum ground cover, yellow broom, leptospermum hedging, native mint bush and much more…. normally $2.50 per tube, now just $1.50 peer tube or a tray of 20 for $20 and you can mix n match… ( English box tubestock, NOT part of deal)

At Paddys Plants, we have plenty of colour and great deals to brighten up your Garden & Home this weekend, so why not come and visit us and pick up a bargain or 2

Happy Gardening


We are Open Grand Final Day 9am until 5pm


For all the Collingwood, Storm & West Coast supporters out there, we wish you all the best and hope you have a great weekend, there is nothing more exciting than your team being in the Grand Final, so enjoy the moment and lets hope it is an edge of the seat ripping contest from start to finish for you……. everybody has a tip on these days, mine is, in the NRL, tomorrow, …. the Mighty Storm, to see Billy off in style and in the   AFL, today ….a hopeful tip…. I’m hoping for a Collingwood premiership and a Jaidyn Stephenson Norm Smith Medal, to cap off the fantastic first year he has had….

Go Jaidyn !!


For the rest of us, whose team is not in the Grand Final, or those who have no interest whatsoever….

Paddys Plants is  OPEN today from 9am until 5pm with loads of great bargains to keep you busy in your garden.

I believe it is still too cold and too early to plant out edibles at this stage, but we have plenty of colour available to get your spring plantings started and we have a lot of discounted  shrubs, hedging plants, ground covers and borders to fill up spaces.

Don’t be put off by chance of rain, or you will miss out on some great deals, grab a jacket or brolley and head on up to see what we have for you today

as mentioned… we are OPEN today from 9am until 5pm… OPEN SUNDAY from 9am until 1pm, CLOSED EVERY MONDAY and then OPEN Tuesdays until Saturdays from 9am until 5pm

enjoy your day no matter what you choose to do