Pittosporum Green Sheen

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Pittosporum Tenufolium “Green Sheen”  PBR,  is an ornamental evergreen pyramid shaped shrub, discovered by Matt Brooks from Paddys Plants in 2002.

Green Sheen features vibrant green foliage with cream veins accentuated by dark purplish stems forming a neat upright shrub, making it ideal for hedging

Green Sheen is suitable for most well drained soils in full sun or partial shade and for best results, Green Sheen responds well to deep watering in dry periods,  liquid feeding with a seaweed based solution once every 3 months, an annual feed of ( just a handful or 2) of either dynamic lifter or seamungus and light prunings to encourage vigourous and dense growth, also prune lightly when young to establish strong root systems.

Green Sheen can grow 2- 4 metres tall by 2metres wide within a 5 – 10 year period depending on what size of plant you purchase and how often youy water, feed or prune them, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, depending on your care!!

Green Sheen can be used as an attractive foliage in flower arrangements, in a large garden bed as a feature plant or as a screen or hedge/ backdrop to other plants in the garden.

At current Green Sheen can be purchased by the public from  Paddys Plants, but can be purchased wholesale by other retail nurseries, landscapers and nursery trade from both Paddys Plants and Coolwyn Nurseries, this plant will not be available at weekend trash n treasure markets.

Green Sheen is protected under the Plant Breeder’s Right act 1994, meaning any unauthorised commercial propagation or any sales of this variety is an infringement of the pbr act, and may result in prosecution.  If you are looking for a great hedge that is easy to maintain, tough,  doesn’t take an eternity to grow like photinias and camellias…. ie- it is fast growing and dense, that is not affected by disease’s like lillypillys, not an invasive spreader and seed dropper like other pittosporums and acacias, attractive and a great backdrop to highlight your feature plants in the garden, then feel free to drop in or contact us and ask about our Pittosporum “Green Sheen”