Strap Leaved plants/ Native Grasses

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  • Cordyline Australis Red Sensation 14cm

    Cordyline Red Sensation is a striking foliage plant with vivid burgundy red strap like leaves that can grow to 2metres tall and loves full sun to partial shade aspects, in well drained soils. Red Sensation can tolerate periods of dryness, coastal conditions, frost and is used to create contrast in garden beds, looks great in patio tubs and containers. as an idea for a feature in a pot/container on a decking or balcony, why not plant a red sensation in the middle of the pot and surround it with something trailing over the pot such as Dichondra Silver falls for colour and contrast, such as picture below... we have used Canna Tropicana with Silver Falls in the picture, but you get the idea !!
  • Lomandra Confertifolia ‘Little Con’14cm

    Lomandra Little Con is a hardy Australian Native grass which will grow 30cms tall by 30cms wide, forming a neat rounded mound of lime green evergreen foliage. Little Con are easy to grow and make an ideal ground cover as well as a tough edging for low maintenance areas. Little Con grows well in most well draining, soil types, is mostly dry tolerant, they may require a deep watering in extended periods of heat, Little Con generally requires no pruning, looks great planted on mass as a low maintenance ground cover, suits both formal and informal landscapes, is a great stabiliser for edgings and embankments for erosion control and suits coastal regions or poolside landscaping. Little Con is versatile, consistent, easy to grow, easy to maintain and looks great.
  • Ophiopogon Japonicus Mondo Grass Dwarf 75mm

    Mondo Grass is a m iniature clump forming grass like plant with glossy dark green foliage that offsets spikes of lilac flowers.  Mondo grass can grow to 7cm tall by 7 cm wide in shady positions and can handle a little sunlight, it is ideal as a rockery plant, clumping ground cover, neat garden edging, in between pavers, decorating rims of large pots or beneath standard shrubs or topiaries. Mondo Grass is best in fertile well drained soils, is frost hardy and low maintainence WE HAVE A BULK BUY SPECIAL ON OUR TUBE STOCK RANGE .... in store only ...... (you can mix and match) buy a tray of 20 tubes for $42.50

Showing all 3 results