Abelia Kaleidoscope 20cm


Abelia Kaleidoscope is a low growing  ornamental bush with striking foliage of bright yellow leaves with green centres, that in the cooler months turn to orange and fiery red and by late spring the bush is covered with soft pink buds that open to white blooms flowering well into autumn……. wowee …. what a range of colours !!!

Kaleidoscope will grow 70cms tall by 90cms wide in full sun, has unique foliage, low water requirements once established, has year round colour and interest, is great mass planted or used as borders, informal hedging, great feature plant in pots or the garden,  spot plantings or to highlight other plantings… a multitude of uses.

Lightly prune Kaleidoscope in early spring along with some  good quality fertiliser..

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Current Size Available as of March 21st 2021


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