Ajuga Burgundy Glow 12cm


Ajuga Reptans Burgundy Glow is a low growing, perennial evergreen ground cover, that has beautiful leaves with shades of wine-red, bronze and cream throughout and during the Spring to Summer months flower spike of light blue, compliment the attractive foliage.

Burgundy Glow will grow in full sun to partial shade and up to 10cms tall by 50cms wide in moist to well drained soils.

Burgundy Glow is ideal for rockeries, shady gardens, mass plantings, around trees, as a ground cover for tricky spots, pots and containers, low borders and edges and for colouring up dull areas.

Protect Burgundy Glow from slugs and snails and for best performance and colouring appearance, put Burgundy Glow where it will get plenty of sunlight… i dont put it in full sun or full shade, a bit of both is perfect and the best thing about Burgundy Glow, like all ajugas, is after a year planted out, you can dig them up, divide them and spread more about your garden for free.

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