Alocasia Pink Dragon 10cm .. Priced to clear out all Indoor plants discontinued

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Alocasia Pink Dragon is a low maintenance, evergreen,  tropical plant that has pink coloured stems holding slightly curved, glossy, broad leaves that are purple underside with dark green and cream on top looking like a dragons scale. The leaves themselves, can grow up to 50cms long.

Found in tropical regions of the world and subtropical regions, such as Asia and north Eastern Australia, that have more humidity and warmer temperatures, Alocasias, grow happily out doors in semi shaded positions, protected from hot direct sunlight…… Sadly for us here in Victoria, we don’t have that kind of environment,  Cold frosty weather conditions, do not suit happy growth  of Alocasias, so, in Victoria, Alocasias are cultivated to be an ideal indoor plant, or sheltered patio plant only.

In a tropical environment, Alocasia Pink Dragon can grow up to 1.2 metres tall and spread up to 80cms wide, in well drained, porous soils, that is well aerated.

For us here in Victoria, using it as a house plant, the tallest I have seen it, so far,  is 60cms tall by 40cms wide in a 20cm pot. During the warmer months, Alocasia will happily be outside on a patio or decking that is covered or sheltered from winds and direct sunlight, but  Inside the home, place your alocasia away from direct exposure to extreme temperatures like in front or an air conditioner, ventilator or an open window…. Alocasia are happy indoors in rooms with temperatures no lower than 15 degrees celsius… 15 to 30 degrees is the perfect temperature for healthy alocasia indoors……  find the right spot and they will look amazing, dont find the right spot and they may not thrive.

during the warmer months, alocasia will require regular watering and during the cooler months, they will not need as much water….. Do not over water alocasia during the cooler months… a good rule of thumb is to, always let the soil dry a little before watering. Over watering of alocasia can lead to stem and root rot, so make sure there is not always a lot of moisture sitting on and around the plant. A misting of water over the foliage, will help to keep them healthy as well…. i mist my foliage of my alocasias every day, you can mist without causing ort as you would if you were watering the soil too often… a lot of avid indoor plant home owners, now have humidifiers, to aid with replicating indoor plants natural environment, of misty air.

Like a lot of non edible plants, alocasia is no different…. they can be extremely toxic if eaten….. not immediate death toxic, like some over reactive types,  will have you believe about indoor plants, but some of the harmful effects can be inflammation of mouth and tongue, irritation of eyes and skin rashes, you would need to ingest a lot of plants, but you could spend some not so quality time with your head or arse on the dunny as well…… so …. just dont eat them… get some lettuce instead… so much better for you anyway!!

A beautiful plant well worth the trouble of finding the right location in your home, once you have done that, then believe it or not, it is then a very easy plant to care for.

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