Argyranthemum Pink Daisy 12cm NO STOCK UNTIL MID SPRING 2021

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Argyranthemum Frutescens  Marguerite Daisy  Single Pink, is a mouthful of a botanical name, but a beautiful hardy long flowering evergreen low growing shrub with deeply lobed green foliage, covered with masses of Pink daisy flowers with deep yellow centres  for most of the year.

Marguerite Daisies can grow up to 1metre tall by 1 metre wide, are long flowering as mentioned above, will handle most soils as long as they are free draining, prefers full sun, but can handle part shade, ( just wont flower as prolifically as in full sun), can tolerate light frost, dry and coastal conditions.

Best care of Marguerite Daisies is to tip prune finished flowers to encourage bushiness and more blooms. Fertilise and mulch well in the Spring Months and cut them back hard in the Autumn to encourage soft, fresh and compact new growth….. use a good quality fertiliser a couple of times per year to really get them flourishing…

Marguerite daisies are a great all rounder in your garden, check out our range throughout the year.

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