Banksia Rose Alba White 12cm


Banksia Rose are a tall growing, vigorous semi evergreen climber, with double white rosette flowers and a delicate fragrance.

the best thing about Banksia Roses, they are thornless !!!

Banksia Roses love full hot sun to be at their best, but mine here at the nursery perform well in filtered light.

Lightly prune after each flush of flowering to encourage more new fresh growth and continuous fragrantĀ  blooms through the Spring & Summer months.

In the Winter months, prune the roses hard, removing old and damaged wood and shorten the stems left to a healthy bud to promote new strong growth in the Spring months ahead.

Keep Roses well watered in the drier / warmer weather, but avoid wetting the foliage and apply a complete fertiliser in the early spring and a little more mid summer

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