Bay Leaf Laurus Nobilis Bay Tree 12cm….. very small at the moment


Bay Tree is a slow growing evergreen tree with aromatic leathery glossy green foliage, with star shaped white flowers that appear in spring followed by black berries.

Bay Tree can grow to 12metres tall by 10metres wide if left unclipped, in full sun to partial shade, but prefers an open sunny spot in moist to well drained soils.

Bay Trees respond well to regular pruning to maintain shape and size…. nobody really wants a 12 metre bay tree, so keep it at no higher than 3 metres and you can enjoy its uses.

Bay trees make a great screen or hedge, they are tough and hardy… but sadly are a little slow, so they will take longer than other hedging plants to form a screen or hedge.

the best use for Bay tree, is for its culinary properties… fresh or dried leaves are used to flavour casseroles, stews, pastas and soups.

so if you love cooking with herbs… a bay tree is a must in your edible garden.

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Bay Tree in my garden… i dont let it get any higher than this (2.5 metres)
current size of 12cm pots as of 1st june 2021


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