Begonia Bossa Nova Hanging Basket 27cm only available in Summer


Begonia Bossa Nova is a trailing begonia with tuberous, pendulous branches, small  dark green veined leaves and delicate, vibrant petaled flowers in blooms of bright red, white, pink and orange.

Bossa Nova will grow 45cms tall by 60cms wide in a sheltered position, like most begonias, it does not like direct sunlight and prefers shelter from winds, hot sun, dry heat, draughts, frosts ect… its is a vibrant delicate plant for brightening up dull areas of the garden, so ideal in a fernery, or shady spot of the garden that is sheltered and protected.

Bossa Nova will flower from late Spring all the way through the warmer summer months until the col arrives in Autumn and then will go completely dormant over the colder winter months and re-appear in the warm part of spring.

Bossa Nova is great for pots, containers, mixed planters, shady gardens, patios, decks ( sheltered), but looks its best as a hanging basket. They are a standout every summer as a hanging basket in our nursery and we always sell out quick once they are ready for sale.

Like most of our Begonia range, they are seasonally available….    We have Bossa Nova Begonias available for purchase from late December until mid February, unless sold out prior, so come grab some while you can

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