Begonia Dragon Wing Red 12cm

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RED Dragon Wing  Begonia, is a  Cane form of Begonia,  with lush and attractive, angel-wing shaped, shiny, dark green foliage, blushed with a little burgundy colour and during the warmer months of the year has  cascades of dangling clusters of  red flowers.

Dragon Wing Begonias, will grow up to 45cms tall by 35 – 45 cms wide and  have a long lasting display of vibrant blooms and will seem to  flower endlessly from the late Spring months until mid Autumn here in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria and will happily perform, equally as well  in either semi to part Sun or a little more shade. Keep them out of the hot afternoon sun, as they may burn during the dry heat of late January and February. Ours are planted in full morning sun until about 11am, then in part shade for the rest of the day = very happy little Dragons.

Dragon wing Begonias perform best in rich humus, moist to well drained soils, or if in pots, a good quality potting mix. A regular liquid feed with a seaweed solution during the growing and flowering months will enhance better results and flowering.  like all Begonias, Dragon Wings will go dormant over the Winter months and come back again year after year in the Spring. We have had great success with Dragon Wing Begonias in out gardens over the decades and look forward to their constant display every summer, some people advise you to lift the tubers for the colder months, but i don’t bother, they will be fine to come again,  there is enough work to do in life, without making more.

Dragon Wing Begonias are very versatile around the home and garden for brightening up dull spots and giving a splash of tropical to your home. Dragon Wing begonias look great in Pots & containers, mixed planters,  i find they grow too tall for a hanging basket a substitute for a great basket begonia would be our bossa nova range, they make a better basket than the dragon wing, dragon wings are great for planting around under other plants, the make a great feature plant for decks, balconies, patios, decorative pots, semi shade pathways, edgings, driveways etc etc, you can even use them as an indoor plant… the possibilities are endless…. get your creativity going and come see us for some Dragon Wings.

Like most of our Begonia range, they are seasonally available….    We have them available for purchase from late December until mid February, unless sold out prior, so come grab some while you can

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