Begonia Rex Kotobuki 12cm … very small size at the moment HALF PRICE SPECIAL 50% OFF


Begonia Rex Kotobuki is a spectacular subtropical house plant with highly ornamental, beautifully multi coloured foliage. The leaves are strikingly coloured in shades of red, silver, purple and green. Rex Kotobuki is a foliage begonia and does not produce any flowers.

Rex Kotobuki will grow up to 45cms tall by 45cms wide in a warm position indoors in bright indirect light, Rex will tolerate fluorescent light indoors…… but  it does not like direct sunlight or it will cook and burn. I do plant rex Kotobuki outside in my garden in a sheltered position in  full shade to part / semi shaded or filtered light areas.  Like most begonias, Rex can go dormant over the Winter months if planted outside in the garden, but will come back again in the spring. i have found that my Rex inside the home, have not gone dormant at all and just continue to look great all year round.

Rex Kotobuki is perfect for indoors in the home or office and thrives in bathrooms. Keep the soil evenly moist… not damp or wet or it will rot. Liquid feed regularly for best results and avoid over wateering, poor drainage, cold or draughty sites and try to water the soil when needed, not the leaves.

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