Begonia Tuberous 12cm Red / Scarlett ONLY AVAILABLE IN SUMMER


Tuberous Begonias are a spectacular deciduous perennial bearing large double flowers in vibrant shades of Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow & White during the Warmer / Summer months, from very late Spring until early Autumn.

Tuberous Begonias will grow up to 45cms tall by 45cms wide in a protected,  shady spot of the garden, they prefer partial shaded positions in well drained fertile soils., but can handle a little early morning dappled sunlight, but NOT FULL SUN,  They do not tolerate direct sunlight or high humidity.  Tuberous Begonias also make and ideal indoor plant and are a great feature in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

The Tubers become dormant during the cooler, Winter Months and should be allowed to dry out for best results the next Summer. In the garden, I plant my Begonias around my Fern shrubs, to help lift and brighten the garden beds, it just gives a splash of tropical colour to my lush green fernery  and during the winter when they are dormant, i don’t lift the tubers and store them away to keep them dry, as recommended by avid begonia lovers……. i simply do not have time or energy, we can lose some over that period, but not many and the ones that survive will only get bigger and better each year after.

Like most of our Begonia range, they are seasonally available….    We have them available for purchase from late December until mid February, unless sold out prior, so come grab some while you can

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this image was taken back in 2013 when Harry was only 5…. he loves Dads Begonias… and flavoured milk !!… He is now 12 yrs old and helps me to pot, produce and sell the begonias every Summer


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