Bidens Bee Alive are a beautiful pollinator plant with  attractive two toned patterned flowers of orange & yellow.

Bee Alive will grow up to 25cms tall by 45cms wide in Full Sun to partial Shade, is heat tolerant and attracts birds, bees and butterflies into your garden.

Bee alive is best planted in cottage gardens, perennial gardens, plant them near your edible gardens to attract the pollinators to your edibles and Bee Alive also looks great in pots, mixed planters and containers.

Just a tip…….. I prefer to plant my Bidens in pots and keep them in pots, as my experiences here with them  in Monbulk ( Dandenong Ranges of Victoria), has been, that they look great  from Spring through until the end of Autumn, continuously blooming and looking fantastic in my garden and nursery, but once we get to the end of July and the August months, where the temperature drops near zero and we have very cold and frosty evenings, i tend to lose them if they are planted into the earth or garden beds, whereas, i dont lose them if the are in pots and they continue to look healthy all year round….. maybe you dont agree…. maybe this wont occur at your place……  but thats the beauty of shared experiences and  just how it seems to happen here.

at Paddys, we try to have stock of Bidens Bee Alive for as long as we can, but they are just such a beautiful thing, we always ell out quickly, so get them while you can

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