Plant Food Blood n Bone premium Paddys 1kg


Blood n Bone is used for improving soil conditions to encourage better flowering and fruiting in plants and edibles.

Blood n Bone encourages beneficial microbial and earthworm activity in your soil.

Blood n Bone will increase  resistance to disease and improve drought tolerance in your plants and soil.

Blood n Bone has Nitrogen for healthy leaf growth, Phosphorus for strong root development, Potassium for flower and fruit development, Calcium for better cell wall structure and strength and also contains organic based slow release nutrients for all round health.

Blood n Bone is suitable for a wide range of plants in your garden including vegetables, fruits, flowers, fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs and lawns.

I wouldn’t recommend using on Australian Natives, as the Phosphorus level is too high on this product,……  in my gardening experiences i have  found,  you dont want a Phosphorus level higher than    2.1 %…. i have used blood n bone on some natives in the past and some like it, some dont, there are too many sensitive natives for me to list that will, or will not like this product, so i wont bother listing them…. just use something else on your natives… seamungus or Paddys Native Plant Food,  generally works well for Australian Natives as it has less than 1% Phosphorus.


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