Blueberry Pink Icing PBR 14cm … new release, limited numbers available


Blueberry Pink Icing is a relatively new release Blueberry, highly sought after for its breathtaking foliage colours and large robust flavoured berries.

During the Spring and summer months Pink Icings foliage has many shades of pink mixed with blues and deep greens, turning to a stunning iridescent turquoise blue in the winter months.

Like all Blueberries, Pink Icing prefers acidic soils of a pH of about 4.5 – 5.5, with good drainage. Pink Icing is best fertilised in early spring with a granular or liquid fertiliser for acidic loving plants.

Pink Icing will grow up to 1.2 metres tall by 80cms wide in a mounded compact habit, is self pollinating, so doesn’t need any companions to get fruit, but you can never have too many blueberries, so just come and buy a truck load for best results !!!, Pink Icing prefers full sun, but can handle a little ( little not Full) shade or filtered light…. full sun is best for better fruiting.

Pink Icing has large robust fruit and will fruit during the Summer months.

with such great contrasts of colour, year round coulour and beauty, Pink Icing  is ideal as a specimen in the garden,  or will look and grow great in pots, or containers

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