Boronia Heterophylla Pink 14cm ONLY AVAILABLE LATE WINTER & SPRING


Boronia Heterophylla in my opinion, is the toughest of the Boronia range by far… fragrant foliage and fragrant pink flowers, much hardier than its sooky  relatives brown boronia, yellow boronia, & the  white  forms…. we have tried all of them over our 26 years and have found most of the pink forms, Purple Jared, Jack Maguires Red and Dark prince to be the best 4 varieties available, which is why we stock them and nothing else.

Boronia Heterophylla is an upright bushy evergreen Australian Native  shrub with narrow dark green fragrant foliage, with a mass of fragrant bright pink flowers in the spring months.

Pink Boronia, as we refer to it, will grow up to 1.5 metres tall, by 1 metre wide ( can grow larger if really happy), loves cooler climates, will tolerate light frost, is best planted  in moist, but well drained soils in a dappled shaded garden.

Pink Boronia is ideal for shady gardens, screening/hedges, shrubberies and also in pots and containers. It can also be used for cut flowers.

Lightly prune after flowering to promote and maintain new bushy compact growth and fertilise once per year with a good quality native fertiliser

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