Browallia Orange 12cm


Orange Browallia is a bushy evergreen shrub with dark green soft leaves that is used for its spectacular flowering display of golden yellow and orange flowers during the early Winter to late Spring months of the year.

Browallia will handle warm to hot conditions, but performs equally as well in our cold Mountain weather here in Monbulk and will grow up to 1 metre tall by 80cms wide in full sun to partial shade, protected from sever frost, in well drained soils, it doesn’t  like soggy ground.  I use it mainly as a backdrop, partial shaded plant  to liven up the garden beds, with the bright orange flowers during the duller months of the year ( winter).

prune regularly to encourage compact growth habit and fertilise once per year after pruning.

Browallia are a great highlight in the garden during the winter to Spring months and look equally as good in pots, containers, mixed planters or as a border or semi formal hedge.



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