Callisia repens Pink Lady 10cm


Callisia repens Pink Lady is a trailing, fast growing semi succulent, from the tropical regions with multiple stems, covered in small variegated waxy leaves, in shades of cream green and pink. the undersides of the foliage and stems are purplish, with the colour intensifying as the weather cools. Small white flowers may appear in the summer months.

Pink Lady prefers a humid environment in moist to well drained soils and is best kept indoors or in a sheltered location, such as a covered deck or patio, greenhouse, or somewhere away from winds, cool weather and direct sunlight.

During the warmer months, allow the soil to dry out in between watering to avoid rotting and mist spray the foliage regularly…. reduce the watering over the cooler months.

Pink Lady display best in pots, containers, hanging baskets, where it can cascade over the edges. Pink Lady also looks great in terrariums and prefers warm position indoors in indirect or dappled light.

A tough and hardy, beautiful little indoor plant with multiple uses to brighten and liven up your home

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