Camellia Marge Millar 12cm


Camellia Marge Millar is a versatile long lived and hardy ground cover displaying an abundance of double pink blooms over rich green glossy foliage.

Marge Millar will grow up to 40cms tall by 1.5 metres wide in Filtered sun or semi shaded gardens.

Like most Camellias, Marge Millar enjoys acidic, moderately fertile, free draining soil types and can take full sun if given sufficient water and mulched well. It is a hardy, long lived plant that is cold tolerant once established.

Marge Millar is ideal for pots and containers, Hanging Baskets, as a ground cover in dappled light areas, over retaining walls, embankments, rockeries, cottage gardens, or mass planted under trees. Marge Miller can also be grafted onto taller growing camellia stock plants and used as a standard weeping plant.

we love the display of endless blooms, on our Marge Millars here in the gardens at Paddys Plants, they are a real standout in our own private garden.

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