Carnation Oscar White 12cm


Dwarf Carnations are an evergreen perennial shrub with a compact, mounded growth habit and  fragrant, pretty flowers from early Spring right through until the end of the Summer months.

Dwarf Carnations are easy to grow and maintain and perform best in all day or full sun. Don’t bother if you have no direct sunlight, as they will not bloom as profusely and you will not get the reward or benefit of their sweet scents… instead you will end up with a scrawny sad sack of shit that used to be a carnation… if you have too much shade in your yard…. you may be best to enjoy the benefits of a mushroom farm !!…. Carnations need sunshine.

Dwarf Carnations will grow up to 40cms tall by 40cms wide, are tough and hardy, require low water maintenance and are ideal for borders or edges, mass plantings, mixed planting, pot & containers, garden beds, sensory gardens, cottage gardens and much more….. and if you love sweet perfumes in your garden, then these are a must have.

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