Catmint Nepeta 13cm


Catmint  Blue is an evergreen perennial shrub, that is easy to care for, tough and hardy and is one of my many favourites in the garden for its aromatic foliage and repeated,  prolonged and prolific bright blue lavender like  flowers throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Catmint Blue has a compact growing habit and will grow up to 55cms high by 65cms wide in full sun, but can handle just the tiniest amount of part shade….    full hot sun id their preferred position for best growing results and intensity of flower colour.

Nepeta Catmint, is a low maintenance shrub, that is rarely subject to pests and diseases and  will grow in  just about any soil types, as long as it is well drained soils… they don’t like a bog or wet feet  and they are a drought resistant plant, not requiring a lot of water, nepeta is also frost hardy.

Nepeta Catmint, makes a great companion plant in the garden, especially around vegie & herb gardens, rose gardens and orchards, as it is an effective natural, pest and insect repellent. Whilst catmint repels annoying little bugs and  insects, it is also great for attracting pollinators to your garden, such as birds, bees and butterflies……   Bees and Butterflies especially go nuts for these flowering beauties.

Nepeta Catmint is also Resistant to Wallabies, Deer, Rabbits and other wildlife that may much your garden plants, as they dislike the foliage or oils in the flowers.

Lastly… Catmint is ideal for most gardens and is commonly used in Cottage gardens, Perennial gardens, Coastal Gardens, Sensory Gardens, hot, dry, arid gardens, gardens with poor soil structure, embankments, vegie patches, herb gardens, orchards, rose gardens, borders, groundcovers and can also be used in pots, containers and hanging baskets.

Catmint is indeed a versatile and useful plant in many ways, it is easy to care for, long flowering, aromatic, attracts birds, bees and butterflies to your garden and keeps the nasty bugs away from other shrubs nearby….. if none of that motivates you in getting some Catmint into your garden, then, be dull and  stick to succulents & bonsai !!

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