Chain of Hearts 13cm very small at the moment


Ceropegia Woodii… Chain of Hearts is a delicate  trailing plant with grey -green heart shaped leaves, produced along long chains, which develop unusual small purple – pink flowers to create even more interest.

Chain of Hearts require a well lit warm position indoors, or a partly shaded spot outdoors ( only during the warmer months in Victoria), in good quality, well drained potting mix. I find the roots are delicate, so be careful handling them, as the chains like to wrap around things and as you pick them up, they tend to grab and tear… so handle with care.

for best results, liquid feed regularly and keep soil moist, ( cool to touch),  but not wet.

Chain of Hearts look great in hanging baskets, either on their own or combined with other  foliage or flowering  indoor plants.

Chain of hearts look amazing trailing in a well lit bathroom, with a white back drop, or even black back drop, it really highlights the colour and contrast of these plants.

Just recently, I have hung Chain of hearts,  from my pitched roof in the lounge of my home… we have lived here for over 13 years and i never realised how lifeless and dull my loungeroom was,  until i started hanging indoor  plants, now it is even more lively and i tend to not notice the kids personal monbulk dumpsite with their crap everywhere, as much,     as im more focused on looking at my beautiful indoor baskets,      rather than x-box crap, cups, plates, bowls, socks, shoes, scooters, school works, towels ( because they are so hard to hang up), empty wrappers etc etc….  they will never leave and live like animals, so i might as well turn it into a jungle… starting with more beautiful Chain of Hearts.

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