Chrysanthemum Pot Mum Choke Red 12cm.


Chrysanthemum Garden Mums are a highlight of the cooler months, flowering from Autumn through to spring time, then going dormant over the warmer months. It is not unusual for the garden mums to come again during the summer months in mountainous areas like Monbulk where we live, if the weather is cooler than expected.
Garden Mums, sadly are normally associated with just being a gift plant or flower for Mothers Day (MAY), and treated as an annual here in Australia, which is completely criminal and wrong as they are a fantastic perennial plant that gives tonnes of vibrant jewel tone colours for a lot longer than the one season.
Garden Mums are native to asia and north eastern Europe and grow 30 – 60cms tall in a full sun to semi sun aspect…… full sun is always better, can be grown equally as good in pots, containers, baskets etc as in the garden in a fertile, well drained to slightly moist soil type that is slightly acidic to neutral. If planting in a garden bed, work in some compost or organic matter first for best results. Garden Mums thrive in cooler conditions, hence where they are native to. Whilst the Garden Mums are still in their vegetative stage ( ie just leaves), make sure you provide a one off fertiliser with plenty of nitrogen and potassium to promote healthy roots, development of buds ( flowers), this will result in a much more vigorous, healthy and floriferous plant
Garden Mums respond well to regular liquid feeds with seaweed solution. Water wise, just keep them moist ( soil cool to touch), but not soggy or constantly wet.
At Paddys Plants, we grow about 1500 Garden Mums per year, consisting of 10 different varieties. Garden Mums are a favourite of ours for Cooler month colours and we look forward to them popping up in our garden every Autumn.
Come and check out our range and we hope you fall in love with them to !!

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