Cineraria mixed 13cm…


Cineraria are a compact annual with a spectacular display of colourful heads of daisy like flowers in shades of pink, blue, purple, red and white.

Cineraria prefer a shady to partly shaded position in moist to well drained soils and sadly are frost sensitive… so keep them in a sheltered protected position.

Cineraria will flower over the cold winter months and will look great in your shady gardens beds, or in pots and containers on decks, doorsteps, patios ect.

Cineraria are an annual and will die down by late Spring, but unlike other annuals that never return, we have had Cineraria, self seed and come back year after year for many years….   for 8 years I had one section of the garden continue to return… i consider myself pretty lucky !!!

with lock downs in place, sadly we cannot offer you the full spectrum of colours, they are a mixed crop, so we never know what we will get colour wise, so when you place an order, we will pick you the healthiest plant available, rather than what colour it may be…. lucky dip !!!

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these Cineraria in my garden, kept self seeding and returning every winter for up to 8 years
current size of Cineraria as of 1st june 2021


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