Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart Vine 12cm… limited stock, get in quick


Clerodendrum Thomsoniae Bleeding Heart Vine is an attractive clumping shrub with large glossy, heart shaped leaves and unusual pure white bell shaped flowers with red tops.

Bleeding Heart vine thrives in moist to well drained soils in shade to part shade / filtered light outdoors, or indoors in a filtered light position, in a warm, sunny spot protected from draughts.

Being a vigorous climber, make sure Bleeding Heart Vine if planted outdoors is supported by a trellis, stake or something it can climb on and keep sheltered from frost, strong winds and hot summer sun.

In warmer climates ( not Victoria and especially not the Dandenong Ranges), Bleeding Heart Vine is great for covering walls, fences, arches  and garages or hiding old / ugly sheds…….  but here in Victoria and especially where i live in the  Cooler, mountainous  Dandenong Ranges, Bleeding Heart Vine is ideal as an indoor plant, it can look great wrapped around a totem pole in a large pot or container, you could even use it in a larger pot with some trellis and create an indoor partition, or it can go into a large hanging basket and be left as a trailing plant…. set your creative mind to work and get some of these beauties whilst we have them in stock.

at Paddys Plants we have stock of Bleeding Heart Vine during the warmer months, generally by the start of autumn we are sold out, but feel free to contact us to check anyway.

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