Clivia Miniata Orange Flowering 15cm…. very limited numbers


Clivia Miniata is a clump forming evergreen perennial with lush dark green strappy leaves that produce clusters of trumpet shaped orange flowers held above the foliage on strong think stems.


Clivia miniata will grow up to 75cms tall by 75cms wide in dappled light to full shaded positions in well drained soils. Clivia will tolerate full deep shade and dryness, but probably wont flower as much as they would in dappled shade. Protect clivia from hot afternoon sun and frost.

There is only one way to truly plant clivia…. that is en masse, under trees or in shady parts of the gardens or along shady driveways and edges. Clivia also make a great pot or containers plant for shady balconies or patios.

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