Coir Totem Pole 60cm


Coir Totem poles are coir based substrate made from natural coconut fibres rolled onto PVC tubing for strength & stability and will not rot over time like timber versions.

Coir Totem Poles are used for providing support for vine/ climbing shrubs and any other plants that require support for vertical growth habit.

The Coir fibre will enable the roots of the plant to grip into organic coconut fibre and is more beneficial to the plants health and strength, rather than just being attached to the side of a wooden pole.

the correct way to use your totem poles is to fully immerse them into a weak solution of seaweed tonic with water for approximately 2 hours, or until the moisture has been absorbed by the coir fibre. This will help make the fibre easier to work with when attaching your plants.

Coir totem poles are ideal for indoor plants with a trailing or climbing habit.

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