Cyclamen miniature light Pink 12cm


Miniature Cyclamen are a long, winter,  flowering plant with  distinctive and different motley to marbled foliage, that is a feature on its own, but also produces flowers in shades of red, pink, burgundy, purple and white, some of which can be lightly fragrant. We have 3 varieties of Cyclamen here that are lightly fragrant and i am one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy their scent all season long.

I love the sweet  fragrance of Cyclamen, some people can smell it straight away and always enjoy the perfume, whereas, very much sadly for others, they just cannot smell them and miss out out on the Cyclamen beautiful sweet scent. Much like Cyclamen are all different in their own ways, so are our noses.

traditionally, Cyclamen, are a winter flowering plant and perform their best show from late May through until October, but a lot of growers, like ourselves, produce them earlier, so that you can enjoy them as Easter and Mothers day gifts for your loved ones. They are a versatile plant and can handle an earlier production date, but don’t be surprised if the Cyclamen you bought at Easter last year, don’t re-appear until the next winter, that is only them running their natural course.

Cyclamen prefer a well lit, but cool sheltered position in the garden, protected from the direct sun and frost and make an ideal indoor plant, but avoid placing near heaters. If you have them inside over winter and have the heating roaring, just put your Cyclamen pot outside for the night in the cool air and bring it back inside in the morning.

Cyclamen like a moist soil, but  not wet, they do not like too much watering, as they will rot. Cyclamen will put on a great show of colour in your home and garden from March until September, then go dormant during the warmer months and reappear from early autumn each year.

Cyclamen Persicum are fantastic for colouring up partly shaded garden beds, but also look amazing in pots, containers, wall planters, hanging baskets, mixed planters on decks, patios, verandas and inside the home.

At Paddys Plants we produce over 5000 Cyclamen every year and always have a wide range of colours and varieties to choose from. Cyclamen do go dormant over the warmer months, so we generally do not have them for sale during that time of year. The best time of year to purchase Cyclamen from us is from early March until August ( unless sold out prior), we would love to have them available for longer, but we always sell out, due to their popularity.

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