Cyclamen Persicum Lilac / Purple 13cm


Cyclamen Persicum are an excellent plant for pots and containers to bring a splash of colour into your home or outdoor areas and look spectacular when planted on mass under trees or in shady gardens.

Cyclamen have brightly coloured, butterfly like flowers, carried above equally attractive patterned foliage that will flower over a long period from the cooler months until Spring.

Cyclamen prefer to be cool, so when planting outdoors, find a cool sheltered position protected from direct sunlight. If using for indoor decoration, choose a cool, airy position away from heating.

Cyclamen prefer to be slightly on the drier side… not too dry and not sopping wet, keep moist, but not wet… our rule of thumb for Cyclamen is, if  you are unsure and you think it needs a drink… wait 1 more day. use a well drained potting mix.

At Paddys Plants we produce over 5000 Cyclamen per year, available  from March until late August, unless sold out.


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