Dahlia Dwarf Emilio 12cm


Dwarf Dahlias are a tuberous plant that feature masses of continuous blooms and colour from Spring through till the end of May.

Dwarf Dahlias will grow 50cms tall by 45cms wide in full sun to partial shade.   Dwarf Dahlias prefer and thrive in full sun for 6+hours……  they can handle part sun or filtered light of about 4 hours per day, but you wont get as many flowers as you would if they were in full sun   and i wouldn’t bother putting them in heavy shade, they just wont perform as well…. they will survive and have maybe a flower or two, but try other options like begonias for shadier spots.

Dwarf Dahlias have large flowers than come in a range of colours and are attractive to butterflies in your garden, they are low maintenance, only need a drink every so often ( average requirement) and are great for gardens, mass plantings, mixed planters, cottage gardens, cut flowers and look amazing in pots and containers.

Dead heading your dahlias will encourage additional blooming and at the end of may when they have finished for the season, you could dig up the tubers and store them for replanting in the spring months…..  follow this procedure… wait until the cooler months kill off the top of the plant then cut back the stems and dig the tubers. Wash off any soil and then allow the tubers to dry. Wrap dry tubers in newspapers,  Label each tuber or group of tubers so you know what they are come spring. ….. now all that is very regimented and organised…. sorry but i cant be arsed

if you are like me and you just don’t have time for that sort of gardening…. then just leave them in the ground, i find they come back year after year, sometimes you lose some, sometimes you don’t,  it is always a nice surprise each spring to see them coming back.

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