Diascia Piccadilly White 12cm


Diascia Piccadilly White is an eye catching attractive evergreen perennial ground cover or trailing plant that bears masses of vivid White flowers for long periods of the year.  Diascias flower from the start of Spring all the way through until the start of Winter, with very little maintenance required.

Diascias can  grow 15 – 30cms tall by 50cms wide in full sun to partial shade…. they  will not grow in full shade, they are  not a mushroom !!… dont put Diascia  in too much shade or you will end up with a scraggily looking basket of un happy ness  that doesn’t flower, so makes sure it has some sunlight, so it can do its thing and flower its little head off !!!…  Diascias look great in the garden and as a ground cover, but personally, i think it looks best in pots or containers and especially baskets.

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