Digitalis Little Foxy Mixture 12cm


Digitalis Little Foxy is a  shrub with bright green foliage, that produces tall graceful spikes of bell shaped flowers with spotted throats in shades of pink, purple, cream and lemon.

foxgloves, depending on their planted location, can be annuals ( lives 1 season), or biennial which means they live 2 seasons of their life cycle, but i find in my garden, they have been better than that and almost been perennial… meaning lived for many, many  years… or maybe im just lucky and have enjoyed great success with them in my garden… whatever the case, they are a lovely show of colour on and off,  in my garden from Spring through to the end of autumn.

Little Foxy will grow up to 1 metre tall… mostly the flower spikes provide that height, the bush itself, i find only gets to about 40cm tall. Foxgloves thrive in full sun to partial shade in moist to well drained soils, in a protected position from strong winds and heavy frosts. They can handle a little frost, but for best results, keep them moist during extended periods of dry hot weather.

Little foxy makes an ideal cut flower for flower arrangements, can be used as a background planting in gardens, herbaceous borders, cottage gardens and look great in pots and containers.

At Paddys Plants , we grow and supply a lot of foxgloves each year, They are available  for purchase during late Spring until mid autumn each year…. unless sold out.

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