Duranta China Girl 20cm


Duranta China Girl is a beautiful plant with bright shiny green leaves on weeping branches that can grow up to  2 metres tall by 1.5metres wide. China Girl loves full sun to partial shade, we planted our Duranta china girl in our garden in a little more shade than suggested and it still grows great.

the best feature of Duranta China Girl is from Spring until Autumn, this spectacular plant has deep violet flowers that are contrasted with a pure white centre that radiates outwards as well as encircling each petal, which are delicately fragrant…… I sense the smell of vanilla, some agree with me, some don’t, but either way, the fragrance is soft,  sweet and delightful

Duranta China Girl respond well to regular pruning, needs a regular water during the warmer months and prefers a well drained soil for the rest of the year.

China Girl is great as a feature plant on its own either in the garden or in a pot, is great in fragrant or sensory gardens, can be used as a screen for privacy, hedging or borders, can be used as espalier, or used as a topiary standard.

Another forgotten old fashioned favourite, due to reduced garden space in modern homes, but with some clever ways to have one such as topiary standard in a pot, Duranta China Girl is A must have in your garden.

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