Eggplant Bonica 75mm tube stock SOLD OUT FOR 2020

$2.39 $1.99

These guys have been ready for sale for over a month now, but we havent uploaded them until now, as we have been waiting for labels to arrive from our supplier…. seems every year that eggplant labels  and labels for plants in general,  are rare and hard to get… so im not waiting any longer… honestly… labels are one of our biggest and most wasteful expenses each year.

Realistically,  in most cases, after you have planted the plant, you throw the label out… and with modern technology, plant Id apps,  the internet and google, etc etc … why do we still use labels?

im going to look at other, less expensive and wasteful, options for the future.

By the way… Eggplants are easy to grow and great to use in cooking, especially curries, i love them and i take it you do to, because people who dont like them, wont be looking at this note.

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