Epipremnum Devils Ivy Green Dragon 12cm

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Epipremnum Aureum, Jade Pothos, Green Dragon or often referred to as Devils Ivy,  is a lush, climbing or trailing,  tropical plant with attractive glossy, green,  heart shaped leaves and is a tough hardy  plant for hanging baskets or totem poles in pot for inside your home to help purify the air.

In Victoria, Devils Ivy should be grown indoors in a well lit position of indirect natural light, in a position that is warm, keep the  soil moist, or cool to touch, not too  wet or it will rot, responds well to regular misting spray of water ( 3 or 4 times a week) on foliage and also responds well to a liquid feed once per month, for best health, growth and results.

Devils Ivy prefers partial sunlight for decks & patios, it does not like direct hot sun and will grow great outdoors during the warmer months, but bring it back inside the home where it is best suited During the cooler months

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