Euphorbia x Martinii Ascot Rainbow 14cm SOLD OUT FOR 2020


Euphorbia x Martinii Ascot Rainbow, is an unusual shrub with foliage tones of cream and green blue, with stunning red – pink colouring throughout the cooler months… really is a rainbow of foliage colours.  Spikes of flowers with a blend of cream, lime and green appear late winter through to early spring.

Ascot Rainbow will grow 50cms tall by 50cms wide and loves full sun to part shade positions and is tolerant of extreme heat and dry conditions in most soil types that are well draining. Once established will be extremely dry tolerant, requiring only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat.

Ascot Rainbow has many uses, here are some… great as a stunning display in pot and containers, mediterranean style gardens, dry/gravel style gardens, futuristic alien/martian  or space style gardens, coastal gardens and cottage gardens.

feed in spring with a slow release fertiliser, try our Paddys fertilser, or any of the Yates Nutricote 360 day blends,  an all purpose fertiliser blend for all plants. We always use Yates fertilisers for best results.

Like most Euphorbias… they bleed… so when pruning, be careful not to get the sap on your skin or in your eyes as to some people, they can be an irritant…. and obviously… dont eat them, or you may spend extended periods on the dunny, one end or another !!

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