Fatsia Japonica or Japanese Aralia 12cm


Japanese Aralia is a hardy evergreen shrub with attractive large shiny foliage that is ideal for use indoors and out. Outside in the garden, clusters of white flowers appear in the Autumn months, followed by small black fruit ( dont eat).

Japanese Aralia can grow 1 – 2 metres indoors in a pot / containers/ large tub,  by about 80+cms wide    and outdoors planted in the garden, they can reach a whopping  3-6 metres tall by about 2-3+ metres wide

Japanese Aralia is ideal as an indoor plant and perfect for patio pots and shady corners of tropical and sub tropical gardens, it prefers a well lit position indoors and a shaded warm, frost – free position outdoors……  Like most Indoor plants… Japanese Aralia can be harmful if eaten and to some can be a skin an eye irritant… so basically, dont rub it all over your eyes and dont eat it… it is not a vegetable !!!. i have always owned pets and none of them have died from any of our indoor plants, they would need to ingest a lot to die, a small taste may not be enough to kill them, they may get the runs, but that is about it…. unless your pet is just nuts, then probably get some fake plants instead…. sorry !!

prune Aralias to maintain shape, apply liquid fertiliser to potted plants regularly during the growing season…. ie Spring, Summer and early Autumn and water moderately in the garden during the warmer months and only when required ( soil not cool to touch) with the indoors potted Aralias.

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