Fern Blue Star 14cm… small but good to go


Phlebodium aureum …… like any of us are really going to remember that !!!… lets just call it what it is  “the Blue Star Fern”,  which is a low maintenance, easy to grow and care for fern with bluish to grey fronds, that can be grown outside in low light areas, or indoors in indirect lighting.

The Blue Star Fern will grow up to 50cms tall by 50cms wide in filtered light –  part sun ( not direct) to part shade ( not full shade, it is not a mushroom !!)

now we could use fancy botanical terminologies like elongated form of fronds, rhizomatous body structure, epiphytic nature ( meaning derives its nutrients from air, rain, water, etc)… but unless you have a dictionary or botanical degree, or you are just a know it all… nobody actually talks that way… so basically, the blue star fern, like most ferns is not a heavy eater and dont require any extra fertiliser, but it does love a moist soil level, but not sopping or over wet… moist = cool to touch, not leaking water….

another fact about the Blue Star fern, is that its foliage doesn’t fall off when they get old, but appear as finger like branched growths.

The Blue Star fern will grow in areas of minimal sunlight, its bluish  foliage sets it apart from other ferns and makes it ideal for pots, containers, hanging baskets and mixed planters, also good for using i floristry. The Blue Star Fern is also versatile and  great indoors as an air purifier, its curly blue leaves help to remove toxins from the air.

Ferns are known as humidity lovers, they like moist air, like in rainforests and our forests here in the Dandenong Ranges, they like the misty air and often it is enough for them to live off, as well as the decomposition on the forest floor, they feed off that much like the mosses, algae etc ( epiphytic), so on dry days in the garden during summer, give them a light spray over with some moisture to freshen them up, or if you home is a little dry and you are using ferns as  an indoor plant, a light squirt of water with a spray bottle will help to keep some humidity up for them.

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