Fern Range 14cm Assorted


Ferns are a popular and great option for shady areas of the home or garden. With their vibrant range of foliage, they can brighten up dull spots and grow equally as good in the garden as they do in pots. They can add a tropical/rainforest feel to cooler garden climates and give a sense of being outdoors, if used as an indoor plant.

If you are using Ferns as an indoor plant, mist spray regularly to avoid pot plant drying out, if outdoors, plant in a shady, moist, but well drained location and enjoy their range of vibrant foliage colours.

At Paddys Plants, we have assorted ferns available throughout the year, currently, due to popularity, we are out of stock ands they are on order from other suppliers whilst our home grown range are still developing,  I will post availability on our Facebook and Instagram pages as soon as they are in stock….

the varieties we stock include Adiantum Maidenhair,  athyrium niponicum pictume… Japanese painted fern,  Blechnum Silver lady,  Blue Star, Boston Blue Bell, Boston Teddy Junior, Boston Fluffy Ruffles, Crocodyllus,  Dryopteris crispa whiteside, Dicksonia Antartica, Emerald Queen, Green Flame, Kangaroo, Polystichum Mothers Shield Fern, Pteris unbrosa, Pteris Dentata toothed brake fern, Pteris Silver Brake fern

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