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Gardenia Florida  are a Medium growing evergreen shrub with beautifully scented double white blooms displayed prominently above dark green glossy foliage.
Florida, is one of the most well known and commonly used Gardenias in gardens around the world and in Australia they Flowers from November through to April, but it is not uncommon for them to flower during the spring months if the weather is warm and sunny.

Gardenia Florida can grow 1 metres tall, by 1 metre wide and grow best in a warm sunny or partly shaded location in well drained soil with protection from frost. Regular pruning and liquid feeding, with a seaweed solution will promote and encourage new growth and blooms. a spray with some Eco Oil, or White Oil, over the warmer months will help to control aphids or other insects that may also want to enjoy their delicious flowers.

Gardenia Florida  can be used as a low hedge, feature plant in a container or even as cut flowers, as their stem grow straight and long.
Gardenias are favoured for their delicious fragrance and make not only a great plant in your garden, but are equally as good in pots or containers, close to your home or outdoor entertaining areas, where their perfume can be enjoyed.

at Paddys Plants, we grow hundreds per year, so, quite often they are available year round….. except when we are completely sold out.

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